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How My Path Started

I always knew I was a little different. From a very young age I could "feel" what others felt, good or bad. I constantly felt like I just didn't fit in. I learned how to mask myself, put on the mask that fit in at any particular time. By the time I was in my early 20s I had mastered this and was able to recreate myself and fit into most situations. I was living well with a great job and had lots of friends, on the outside my life was perfect. On the inside however, I was lost and lonely. I started drinking daily and partying all the time to fill the void in my heart.

By my late 20s I found myself pregnant and even more lost than before. I had only been with this guy 8 months and we really didn't know each other. He knew the happy-go-lucky successful mask but didn't know the lonely and lost person I really was. I was at a cross-roads and decided that I wanted to keep my baby, with or without his help. Thankfully, I did not have to do this alone, he took me in cracks and all and we started raising this gorgeous boy. About a year after I had my perfect lil boy, my health started to deteriorate. I was in so much pain all the time, my body hurt, I was so tired and I was so sad all the time. I went to Doctor after Doctor and Hospital after Hospital until I was sent to a Center of Excellence (Mayo Clinic). I was there two and half weeks, numerous procedures, I felt like a test subject and thought I would never feel better. On the last day of my visit I met with my Doctor for the diagnosis... After all of what I had been put through for 4 years I found out I had something called Fibromyalgia and there was no cure, his recommendation was Yoga. I remember leaving Arizona with such frustration!! Are you kidding me, Yoga is my cure, Yoga is what I have spent thousands of dollars to hear.

After a couple of days I decided I had nothing to lose so... Yoga here I come!

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