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Energy Healing Services


Reiki Session

One-on-One Hour Session


Reiki is one of the oldest and most powerful effective forms of natural healing. Reiki involves a transfer of energy to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself physically and emotionally.  Reiki balances the natural life force energy within the body, by hands-on healing that touches on all levels: body, mind and spirit.  


Sound Healing Session

One-on-One Hour Session


During this session you will be immersed in a healing sound bath using Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls.  Sound Healing is the practice of using vibrational frequencies to shift your brain into a more relaxed state and make it easier to enjoy a deeper meditation.  Sound Healing can also help repair damaged tissue and cells within the body by playing tones that promote healing, happiness and vitality it will allow the DNA strands to repair themselves.

Bright Room

House Clearing

For a Single House Clearing


We are all made up of energy and everything around is as well.  Negative energy, entities and emotions can get “stuck” in a space and the space will feel heavy or even dirty.  During this session I will come into your home and clear out all the stagnant energy and lift anything that does not belong in your space.  



Traditional Egg Ceremony


A Limpia (means “cleansing”) is a traditional cleansing ceremony that involved using an egg to absorb energies from a person and help clear any energies that no longer serve that individual.  



Reiki is life force, Prana and Chi, that runs through all of us and helps us heal from the inside and out.

Whatever pain or discomfort you have, no matter if it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual,

it all derives from our past experiences and how we treat ourselves and others.  

With Reiki, you can heal inside out and find your own healing process.

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