Yoga Services

Yoga at Home

Everyone can benefit from Yoga but sometimes walking into a class can be intimidating.  During our Private session I will introduce you to Yoga and help you feel more confident in creating a home practice or attending class.  My goal is to show you that Yoga is for everyone and you can benefit from it!

One-on-One Hour Session

Private Lesson



During our session we will work on what you need to heal most in your body with Yin Yoga poses. At this time I will lay healing Reiki hands on you to help you push through any blocks you may have.

One-on-One Hour Session

Private Lesson with Reiki Healing


I will lead you and a group of your friends through a personalized Yoga session that can be held in the studio or a more adventurous place like the Bosque or a park.  

Up to 6 People Hour Session

Small Group Lesson


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