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About Me

My name is Monica Martinez and for so long I was a Corporate World junkie with dreams of becoming a Big Shot with a huge organization.  I worked hard and dedicated my life to companies that took me far in my career but left me lacking in my personal life. In 2007 I was blessed with the best thing in my life... my little boy.  When he was born everything in my life changed, mostly my priorities.  I no longer wanted to live for my job, I wanted to live. I felt like I was meant to do more and that I wasn't fulfilling my purpose.  At the advice of a Doctor I started Yoga and this was the start of a transformation that has made my life so much better. I have found peace and purpose in my life, I no longer suffer from chronic pain and I am happier now than I have ever been.  My goal is to show others how to use the gifts that you already have within you to heal any wounds to create a more peaceful and purposeful life.  Everyone has the power within themselves sometimes you just need reminding or a helping hand to guide you.


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