This beautiful Mala Necklace was made with Love, Reiki and....
Palm Wood 
Helps you make a connection with the past,
and may aid you if you are doing past life work.
Excellent fo grounding and stabilizing one's emotions.
Restores the balance to the body and spirit 
Offers the courage to speak from the heart
Offers greater degree of patience to stay with a plan of action
and see it through to completion
Carried to extend a life span and increase the enjoyment of life
I lovingly release myself from my own past.
I live in present, never dwelling on the past,
and take action to ensure a wonderful future.
I am safe. I trust more; I fear less.
I am centered and grounded.
Quartzite (Snow Quartz)
Aids in Calming & Soothing the Soul
Brings Good Fortune
Assists in Connecting with Higher Self
Dispels Negative Thoughts & Emotionss
I seek to understand and learn from my life experiences.
I listen to the wisdom of the universe.
Picture Jasper
Encourages independence and leadership
Deep connection to the earth's energy
Brings peace by dispelling anxiety, stress and fear.
How to Use a Mala Necklace for Meditation
Sit somewhere comfortable without much distraction.
Hold the mala necklace in your right hand hanging over your middle finger with your index finger and thumb separate.
Starting at the beginning beside the Guru bead.
With each repetition of the mantra slide the bead down with your thumb away from you. Continue doing this with one bead per mantra repetition until you have gone all the way around your necklace and are back at the Guru bead.
Pause and Reflect.
In you want to continue, do not cross the Guru Bead, instead turn it around in the other direction.
Forty days is the typical time period to use a single mantra
Wearing the necklace around your neck or wrapped around your wrist can also be a physical reminder throughout the day of your mantra and to be mindful.

Healing the Past Mala Necklace

  • Palm Wood

    Quartzite (Snow Quartz)

    Picture Jasper