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This beautiful Mala Necklace was made with Love, Reiki and....


Black Onyx

Dispels Negative Energy

Aids in Determination & Strength

Increases Concetration

Grounding, Protecting and Balancing



I draw strength from my past experiences.

I am the master of my own future.


Hematite - Root Charkra - I Am Safe

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra - I Am Creative

Orange Calcite - Solar Plexus Chakra - I Am Strong

Aventurine - Heart Chakra - I Am Loved

Lais Lazuli - Throat Charkra - I Am Expressive

Amethyst - Third Eye Chakra - I Am Connected

Claear Quartz - Crown Chakra - I Am Divine


Chakra Mala Necklace with Tassel

  • Sit somewhere comfortable without much distraction.

    Hold the mala necklace in your right hand hanging over your middle finger with your index finger and thumb separate.

    Starting at the beginning beside the Guru bead.

    With each repetition of the mantra slide the bead down with your thumb away from you. Continue doing this with one bead per mantra repetition until you have gone all the way around your necklace and are back at the Guru bead.

    Pause and Reflect.

    In you want to continue, do not cross the Guru Bead, instead turn it around in the other direction.

    Forty days is the typical time period to use a single mantra

    Wearing the necklace around your neck or wrapped around your wrist can also be a physical reminder throughout the day of your mantra and to be mindful.


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